Tinti Tattoo and Art Gallery Hódmezővásárhely

Tinti Tattoo opened in 2005. A few years later we moved with the studio to the center of Hódmezövásárhely, which is where you can find us now.

In the studio we pay very much attention to hygiene to secure our customers health during the process of getting a tattoo or a piercing. That is why we keep the shop very clean, only use sterile and disposable materials and high quality, licensed tattoo ink. Furthermore we keep ourself trained and updated with seminars.

The studio has two floors. The first floor is comfortable furnitured, to make your stay there as comfortable as possible in case you have to wait. The second floor is a professional, yet comfortable working place for piercing as well as tattooing.


Address: Petőfi út 33 Hódmezővásárhely Hungary